Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Spring and let's get this blog active again!!!!

Where do I begin.... let's put it this way.... last summer became busy months, fall became a blur and winter- where did it go and now I am looking at March 1st being a few days ahead of me.... I have to get back on track with my blog postings..

I begin with saying- 2018 it going to be a great , fantastic bust year for Maiden America and  Overman's Bluegrass Fruits and Vegetables - Farm to School programs, great Farmers Markets, added value line is being expanded and a partnership with the Jessamine County Public Library " Veg Out" series, a stronger partnership with the Jessamine County Food Pantry and I could keep telling you more and more...

I begin with the posting of the " Veg Out" series- sign up !

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